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Play Betgames with World Sports Betting

World Sports Betting not only brings you thousands of sports and lotto betting from around the world, we also offer a comprehensive live game selection for you. Play small and win BIG with Betgames on WSB!

What is Betgames?

Betgames allows WSB clients to access live betting options every couple of seconds and lets you choose between 9 exciting games! These games offer you a chance to play your lucky numbers, your lucky colours, test your poker and baccarat skills or just have a lucky strike, all from the comfort of your home!

Games on offer are:

  • Speedy 7

  • Wheel of Fortune

  • Bet on Poker

  • Bet on Baccarat

  • Lucky 5 draws

  • Lucky 6 draws

  • Lucky 7 draws

  • Dice Duel

  • War of Bets

  • Andar Barhar

  • 6+ Poker

  • Classic Wheel

Choose any of these games and find a winning opportunity every 3- 5 minutes!

Speedy 7

Play card game is a thrill a second with 7 betting opportunities every hand! Enjoy the live game with live dealers and predict the winning colour!

Wheel of Fortune

Fans of Roulette type games will love this live game. Spins every minute makes it a very exciting game to watch. Bet on the winning number, winning colour, winning series and more!

Bet on Poker

Poker players take note! No bluffing required here, put your poker skills to the test and predict the winning hand or winning combination with additional betting opportunities after the flop, turn and river! Bet on Poker is online poker taken to a new level!

Bet on Baccarat

Pick the winner, Punto or Banco? It’s the classic casino game like you’ve never seen it before! Play today and win big with more betting opportunities than ever before!

Lucky Number draws

Play Betgames Lucky 5, Lucky 6 or Lucky 7 with draws every 2 minutes! Predict the winning numbers, colours, sums, totals and more! Your lucky numbers may just pay off with these exciting live draws!

Dice Duel

Dice Duel is a simple dice game that lest you bet on over 20 betting options per roll! Predict the exact results at a gigantic 33/1!

War of Bets

This simple card game lets you predict the highest card to be dealt. The Tie is where the real money is though! Play War of Bets and enjoy instant wins every 30 seconds!

Andar Barhar

Gameplay is straight-forward, with a dealer drawing a card, and a player deciding if the face value of the card will be drawn on the Andar or the Bahar.

6+ Poker

6+ Poker (also known as ‘Short-Deck Hold' em’) is a poker game very similar to the popular Texas ‘hold ’em. Being a 36-card deck, 6+ Poker does not have twos, threes, fours and fives. This changes the probability of combinations and alters winning hands.

Classic Wheel

We are thrilled to introduce a new option for players to bet on, as our much beloved "Wheel of Fortune" game can now generate pre-recorded video sessions.

Live Draws

All Betgames take place in a live studio that is regulated and monitored for an exclusive, fair and legal betting experience. Studios include clocks and live TVs to give you peace of mind that the draws are live.

Customer Support

Contact us on our 24/7 customer support line 0860103393 if you have any queries about our Betgames product.

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